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The effective adsorption volume is twenty times than that of clay desiccant.
The average lifespan of our product is eight times than that of molecular sieve 4A.

Low dust level: below 50 NTU / 10 gram.
High adsorption capacity: maintain 15% effective adsorption capacity at dew point of -40℃.
High Delta T value: more than 30℃, guarantee the dew point of I.G. at -8℃ for over 20 years.
Low moisture residence: less than 1.7% at 540℃.
Uniform granulation: size ratio reaches above 98%. 
After the Size Ratio of the IFT
Natergy Sieve has the Size Ratio value of 98%
  “at the end of the test, no dust has been identified”
—Cited from the IFT test report (No.:509 32060/3e)
 Dust Drop    
  The Natergy Sieve has the Delta T value over 30℃(10g sieves/10ml H2O), it gives your insulating glass deep dehydrated air for long-lasted working span.
 Delta T Value    
Specifically, the advantages of Natergy IG 3A molecular sieve are:
1) High delta T value, Natergy sieve has the delta T value of over 30 ℃ (10g sieves/10ml H2O); it gives insulating glass deep dehydrated air for a long-lasted working span.
2) Extremely low dust level is the primarily advantage of Natergy sieve, Natergy sieve are reputed for its stable low dust level, this gives glass guaranteed clean process both for glass unit and the working surroundings.
3) Low moisture residence, moisture residence tells how powerful and effective the sieve would be: the lower moisture residence give, the lower of dew point of windows reaches.
4) Higher water adsorption capacity, this character tells how long the drying protection given by desiccant last, this character is also reflected in the delta T value level.
5) Clean beads, Natergy sieve is clean, it is almost impossible to find out crushed beads, chippings in the packing bottom of bag or drum. This is the result of performance our strict QCS in producing process.
6) Natergy sieve is cheap, Natergy is an expert for producing molecular sieve, knowing how technology not only guarantees the quality, but also cuts down the cost of producing. To buy Natergy sieve, is to enjoy and benefit from the advantages of our technology.